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What or who is emuu?

The word emuu is not pronounced "eemyoo" but "em double-yoo" and simply stands for my initials (MW). This website was set up to host any projects I am working on.

News - April 2012

dreamI have recently started an online course on programming languages. It is called PL101 and is being run at nathansuniversity.com. As part of this course, the students are tasked with creating a new programming language of their own design. I will be documenting the process of creating my own language, which I am calling "dream" here.

News - July 2009

Freddy and FreyaA colleague of mine at work is a web designer in her spare time and has designed a great website if you are looking for hand-crafted wedding, birthday or christening gifts and canvas art. It's called Freddy & Freya, so head over to www.freddyandfreya.co.uk and have a look!

News - May 2007

Pegasus logoGet ready for Pegasus - coming soon!

News - February 2006

I got a job! I start work on Monday the 13th and I'll be programming on quite a large project so I'm really looking forward to it. This does mean that other things I was working on (the mta center website for example) are going to be a lower priority.

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